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Financial Aid

OSEP Funded Programs

photoThe U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) funds undergraduate and graduate programs at many colleges and universities across the country to prepare students for careers in special education, early intervention and the related services. These programs often have financial assistance available for students enrolled in them.
However, because the college or university must apply for the funding, financial assistance from OSEP-funded programs is not available at all universities or in all states. If a college or university does have an OSEP-funded program, students can apply to that program and, if accepted, may receive tuition assistance for coursework that leads to certification for a career in special education, early intervention or the related services.

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In addition to the OSEP-funded personnel preparation programs, there are many other financial assistance programs that may help you pay for the training required to become a special educator, early intervention or related service provider. These include federal loans and loan forgiveness programs, state grants and tuition assistance plans, and private grants and scholarships.

State Resources

Most states now have some form of student assistance for individuals who want to pursue a career in special education. These financial aid programs vary by state. To find out the details of state grants and loans, students should contact their state agency or college financial aid administrator.

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