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Attracting, Developing and Supporting New and Existing Personnel

Attracting, Developing and Supporting New and Existing Personnel

The Personnel Improvement Center delivered on-site consultation and training to states in need of assistance in hiring and retaining new and experienced, qualified personnel. This service was delivered by Dr. George Ann Rice, a former service provider for the Center, and directed at the local level. It involved on-site meetings with identified personnel and special education directors in up to three high-need locales, as identified by the state agency. Two on-site visits were made to each locale in the state and a third visit provides an opportunity for training for all interested districts through a state-wide one-day meeting. Best practices in recruitment and retention were integrated into the local plans and ongoing conference calls ensured successful plan implementation.

Download the state practices questionnaire and service work plan used with this service.

View the Center’s Attracting, Developing and Supporting New and Existing Personnel webcast and power point presentation.

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State and Local Programs Initiatives for Recruiting and Retaining Special Education Personnel

The Implementation of Special Education-specific Mentoring and Induction Guidelines for Local School Districts: A Pilot Study in Georgia

Learn about the excellent work that has been done by the Georgia DOE in developing, implementing and evaluating a special education-specific new teacher mentoring/coaching pilot program in three local districts. Program features included:

  • professional development tied to action research and inclusive co-taught settings
  • dedicated trained coaches from a pool of retired special education teachers
  • tools for implementation that ensure fidelity of implementation, such as coaching logs, observation protocols for co-teaching settings and self-assessments of the action research process.
  • teacher outcomes based on teachers' intentions and pathways
  • partnership with IHEs to provide professional development and support to action research

PIC Bi-Monthly Webinar: Recruiting and Retaining Speech-Language Pathologists

Learn about one state's work to recruit, prepare and retain SLPs from their own communities and turn SLPAs into fully licensed SLPs. West Virginia has been working with their IHEs and LEAs to address an ongoing shortage of SLPs in a state with needs in rural and remote areas. This webinar presents the work they have been doing over the years and include the services from the PIC this year in recruitment and retention, as well as preparation program partnerships for SLPs.

Recruiting and Retaining Special Education Teachers:  The North Carolina Story

Dr. Rice worked with NCDE state leader, Dr. Paula Crawford, Education Program Administrator, to leverage  critical resources for attracting, developing and supported highly qualified special education teachers in local districts with the highest needs.  Read about how the PIC supporte the NCDE initiative from 2011 to 2012.

PIC Bi-Monthly Webinar: Assessing and Supporting New Special Education Teachers in Their Professional Growth

This webinar features the Maryland State Department of Education's online professional development and support network that emphasizes knowledge and skills needed to become a highly effective special educator. Hear from the creators of this innovative support network, who have integrated CEC standards with INTASC standards into their online rubric, intended to both assess and support new special education teachers in their professional growth.

PIC Bi-Monthly Webinar: Building a Leadership Support Network from Identifying Need to the Launch-The Oklahoma Story

In November 2011, the PIC and Oklahoma State Department of Education shared how they are building a support network for new special education directors, which includes leadership institutes, webinars with follow-up blog discussions, and mentoring by veteran directors. Network goals include the development and retention of special education directors to ensure that they are able to attract, support and retain highly-qualified, highly-effective special education teachers. Additional resources are below:

Addressing Personnel Needs in Adapted Physical Education

The PIC started 2012 with a free webinar that addressed personnel needs in the field of Adapted Physical Education (APE). On Friday, January 27th we heard renowned faculty in the field of  APE teacher preparation talk about why APE teachers are needed, how they are prepared, what roles they play in adding to student success and what solutions there are to reducing personnel shortages in this field. An APE teacher from Baltimore County Schools joined us to share her thoughts on why this field is so important to meeting the need of students with disabilities. Presenters included:

  • Ron Davis and Lisa Silliman-French, Texas Woman’s University
  • Manny Felix and Garth Tymeson, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
  • Luke Kelly, University of Virginia
  • Rebecca Lytle, California State University-Chico
  • Linda Webbert, Baltimore County Public Schools, MD

Assessing and Improving Teaching Conditions to Maximize Teacher Effectiveness and Retention

View Ed Hirsch's September 2010 presentation to the National Coalition on Personnel Shortages in Special Education and Related  Services here!

Challenges and Solutions to Recruiting and Retaining Part C Personnel-July2010

The Personnel Improvement Center (PIC) and NECTAC presented a one-hour webinar on evidence-based strategies for recruiting and retaining Early Intervention Personnel, featuring Dr. George Ann Rice and Rachel Moyer-Trimyer, state liaison to the PIC’s work from the Texas Part C lead agency.  This webinar presented the work being done at the state and local level to assist states in recruiting, preparing and retaining EI specialists, including SLPs, OTs and PTs.

Laying the Groundwork: What Principals Can Do

The Personnel Improvement Center (PIC), the National Center to Inform Policy and Practice in Special Education Professional Development (NCIPP), the National Association for Elementary School Principals (NAESP) and the National Coalition on Personnel Shortages in Special Education and the Related Services co-sponsored a free webinar on October 21, 2010 at 3pm EST on the principal's role in supporting mentoring programs for special education teachers at the building level.  The staff from NCIPP discussed this highly effective strategy for developing and retaining special education teachers in schools.

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