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What Careers are Available in Special Education, Early Intervention and the Related Services?

Choose a Teaching Career

Whether you are a high school student, recent college graduate, general education teacher or mid-career changer, you can start on the road to personal fulfillment today!

There are many rewarding careers you can pursue in working with infants, children and youth with disabilities and their families.

Check out the career profiles below for special education teaching, early intervention specialist/early childhood teacher, related services and other careers to learn more about the preparation required, personal qualities, typical responsibilities, job outlook and sources of additional information for each of these careers.

Special Education Teaching

Special Education Teacher

Is making a positive impact on youth with disabilities significant to you? Investigate a career as a special education teacher!

Early Intervention Specialist/Early Childhood Teacher

Early Intervention Specialist/Early Childhood Special Educator

Consider becoming an early intervention specialist or early childhood special educator if you have a high energy level, enjoy working with infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers and have the ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously.

Related Services

Adapted Physical Education Teacher

Do you believe in the value of physical exercise for every student, regardless of ability level? Then check out how you can become an adapted physical education teacher.

Art TherapistArt Therapist

Are you artistic? Do you possess the capacity for insight into psychological processes? Art therapy may be in your future if you answered yes to these questions!

Educational Audiologists

Educational audiologists determine a course of treatment that will be best for students with hearing loss. Interested? Learn how to BECOME1!

Interpreter for the Hearing Impaired

Interested in being the communication link between deaf and hearing individuals in school settings? Check out how you can become an Interpreter for the Hearing Impaired.

Music TherapistMusic Therapist

Have you considered how music can change lives? Learn how music therapists plan, organize, and direct music activities that will produce behavior changes in persons who have mental, emotional, and physical disabilities.

Occupational Therapist

Think you might be interested in providing children with services to promote functional, developmental and academic performance? Explore a career in occupational therapy.

Physical Therapist

Not sure what to do with your interest in anatomy and physiology? If you are able to work with a variety of people and are resourceful, check out a career as a physical therapist.

School Counselor

Do you have the desire to help students plan for academic success? A career as a school counselor may be in your future if you answered YES!

School Nurse

Concerned with the physical, mental, and emotional needs of students? You may want to explore a career as a school nurse!

School Psychologist

Intrigued with human behavior? Do you inspire trust and confidence in people? Check out a career as a school psychologist!

School Social Worker

Are you sensitive and responsive to the needs of others? Explore a career as a school social worker.

Speech-Language Pathologist

Are you interested in working with small groups of students in a school setting who have communication problems? Discover a career in speech-language pathologist.

Therapeutic Recreation Specialist

Have an interest in using games and activities to reach students with disabilities? Examine a career as a therapeutic recreation specialist!

Other Careers

Educational Diagnostician

Consider becoming an educational diagnostician if you enjoy interacting with students one and one, examining learning processes and have a knack for statistical information.


Flexible and resourceful? Love to help children? Consider becoming a paraeducator today!

Special Education Administrator

Are you an innovative leader? Investigate a career as special education administrator.

Technology Specialist

What is a special education technology specialist? If you have excellent skills in technology and want to help others communicate, explore this career!


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