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Personnel Data Management

Personnel Data Management The Personnel Improvement Center delivered on-site consultation services to up to four states per year to assist them in developing and implementing a structured process for personnel data management. The PIC utilized planning tools that identify the kinds of data needed and what types of reports should be produced on a regular basis. The goal of this service was to better inform the decision-making processes related to policy and practice for recruitment, preparation and retention, using accurate and reliable personnel data. This on-site consultation service with state, local and IHE data managers and administrators is related to:
  1. Data planning
  2. Data collection/discovery
  3. Data processing
  4. Data reporting
  5. Data examination

Download the personnel data tools and state personnel data work plan link to used with this service. View the Center’s Personnel Data Management webcast and read the related issue brief and power point presentation.

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State and Local Program Initiatives for Addressing Personnel Data Management Issues

Free webinar on Minnesota's state-level work with personnel data

The Personnel Improvement Center hosted a webinar presented by the Minnesota Department of Education, Department of Special Education on their work to extract, analyze and report on both the supply and demand data for special education personnel and related service providers in their state. Steps in the data analysis were described in detail, along with the results and plans for further data analysis to better inform their recruitment, preparation and retention strategies for personnel who serve students with disabilities in their state.  View the webinar here.

Understanding Retention and Attrition of Special Education Teachers in Nevada Through a Longititudinal Study:  A Model for Other States

View Nevada Department of Education’s presentation about data managment at the July 2010 OSEP Project Director’s Conference.

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